As the photographer in the dark room transforms the latency of the negative in an image with a strong emotional impact MONICA MAZZANTI PR creates an amazing and fascinating communication.”




- Creative, innovative and emotional communication strategies through pictures and words.

- Organizational skills and management of the critical elements for successful projects.

- A reasoned use of new technologies, with particular focus on social media.

- A web-platform that offers profiles of selected brands to the media world.

Monica Mazzanti

A diploma as interpreter, the experience in the financial sector, many travels, a passion for photography and, in 1998, an important turning point: the creation of the communication agency Ogami. The first areas of expertise were high-tech and finance, then enlarged to  include lifestyle, fashion and design.


Research, selection and promotion of exclusive brands among the excellence of Made in Italy in the fields of fashion, design and new technology to underline the personality for an image with a strong emotional impact.


A large and varied media network, operating online and offline. Daily contacts with Italian and foreign editorial offices for a targeted communication.



+39 02 8707 8055


Photo Credit: Lorenzo B.