The unique Patches by Eugenio Vazzano are born from the encounter between the wisdom of the ancient Sicilian craftsmanship and the innovation of international taste , the precious antique fabrics and the originality of contemporary style.

Melilli Factory : inhabit the body and dress the house. Stoles, bags, hats, kaftans, kimono, but also pillows, wall hangings, curtains and carpets. Pieces of art to wear.  The sun illuminates the colors of the palette Eugenio borrowed from Sicily: Etna black , mourning widow black, lime green, salt white, tuff stone beige, “abstract” red tomato, Ibla Megara blue. Pieces stitched together to speak of Sicilian elegance and nobility, but also simplicity and cheerfulness: a country, a state of mind, a story, the balance between staying and leaving.

The fabrics are researched and produced by Eugenio Vazzano pursuing the philosophy of the recovery of re-creation, where even the smallest scrap of fabric becomes imperative for a new mosaic. Each cloth is dyed, crumpled, wrinkled, decorated by the creator and his team of skilled seamstresses inside the laboratory in Melilli, housed in a nineteenth-century factory of the well-known Sicilian caponata. Celebrating the past to reinvent the future with optimism.