Natural – the SS 2016 collection by Alpaca Samka

The young Chilean stylist Andrea Oneto presents Natural, the first SS collection by Alpaca Samka.

Natural is a collection entirely made of alpaca and linen. Two natural raw materials that combine the thermal insulation and the elasticity of alpaca with the absorption capacity of moisture typical of linen.

The dyes used are 100 % natural and the colors have a special meaning: white and black represent the contrast between two different cultures (Chile and Great Britain), the grey is their merger, while the various shades of brown symbolize the desert of Atacama.

The accessories chosen to accompany the collection are selected with care by Andrea Oneto herself who chose jewelry by Patricio Parada and footwear Casa Laporte and The Horma.

After the success of the catwalk show in Chile, the collection is now presented in Milan and London.