“Onnivora Presenza”

From September 13th to September 30th Galleria Statuto 13, in Milan, presents “Onnivora Presenza”, a personal exhibition by Mariacristina Vimercati.

Photographer, designer, film director and painter, Mariacristina Vimercati is a complete artist whose creativity can be expressed in many different ways, but it’s always going to awaken emotions and feelings.  Now she presents her latest collection of paintings entitled “Onnivora Presenza“.


“Her paintings are introspective fields poetically expressed. Everything emerges from the depths of her emotions and her perception of the world, both in real and in dreaming sensorial ways. Just like an Onnivora Presenza fed by soul, love, emotions, reason and breath, but where the ultimate intention is always to share a healthy and joyful hope. Even in the front of the sky or soul deepest stormy darkness.”

cit. Massimiliano Bisazza – curator of the exhibition “Onnivora Presenza” by Mariacristina Vimercati