Jewelry such as lace

The lightness of metal to be drawn and “embroidered” in the jewels of Patricio Parada.

The creations of Patricio Parada are made entirely by hand using a special technique of processing, which allows him to bound the metals and “embroider” them according to his desires. The research is oriented on forms, volumes and organic lines, his all time source of inspiration. Another distinctive feature is the concept of module: a basic organic form the basis, reproduced in several pieces to be combined in new forms. The first module was created with a silver lost wax casting.

His jewels are “sculptures to wear”, unique pieces made entirely by hand, the result of a search on bronze. The use of different baths in precious metals allows Parada to play on the color variations. Asymmetries and imperfections are the hallmark of his creations, what makes them unique and alive. In Milan, his pieces are to be found at Spazio Nur in via Ripamonti 2.