seconda pelle, natural underwear in green fiber

ANIMAMI presents SECONDA PELLE, a petticoat in rose fiber, a natural and biodegradable green fiber.

SECONDA PELLE takes advantage of all the beneficial properties of the rose fiber, a green fiber obtained from the protein and cellulose extracted from cereals waste. With its 18 aminoacids that activate on contact with the bodys, it absorbs the excess moisture, creating a protective barrier against chemical agents or allergenic disperse in the environment and against UV rays. Just like a second skin.

ANIMAMI enriched the yarn with natural vegetable dyes obtaining warm tones of light, full of shades, and revisiting the petticoat, an underwear that becomes overwear peering out from under a jacket or peeping under a warm cardigan. Soft and thin, SECONDA PELLE perfectly conforms to the body and accentuates shapes and movements, providing well-being to our skin, delicate border of the body.

SECONDA PELLE is available in four different shades of color on the ANIMAMI shop online or directly in their atelier – via Cattaneo 15, Monza.