Nvk - servomutante

Servomutante is a multifunctional item, easy to move and direct, that allows to orientate the lighting, serves as storage for coats and diffuses a lovely perfume.

Servomutante is a LED lamp with separated light sources that can be independently and singularly activated with a remote control device. LED lighting gives several advantages: less space is taken, less energy is waisted and less heat is produced. The light output is around five times higher than that of a traditional incandescent lamp, even one with CRI values above 80. Results in terms of energy conservation are therefore remarkable, with attention to sustainability and economy, but without forgetting the importance of a pleasant, quality light.

 According to personal needs and taste, Servomutante is wardrobe and coat rack, on the floor with four wheels or on the ceiling and it comes in two different versions : wood or iron.

Servomutante is also a scent diffuser, encapsulating a device that, thanks to a patented technology, is able to create a perfumed atmosphere in a completely different way in comparison to common diffusers and air fresheners, traditionally based on invasive and less controllable mechanisms as well as potentially harming solvents. moreover this particular diffusing device has the advantage of not penetrating into fabrics. Clothes are free from the olfactory reminiscence of hundreds of available scents. Servomutante creates a multisensory interaction within a particular area, such as the hall or around the doorway, where it is  important to set up a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

 Servomutante is a NVK Design project, in cooperation with Valentina Fantin and Daniele Savi.