“The New Middle Ages” collection

The Turin group BATNA (Best Alternative To Nude Attitude) and the textile designer Paul Gambertoglio

The collection “The New Middle Ages” was born from the meeting of BATNA and Paul Gambertoglio. It’s composed by 18 female and 8 male garments, all characterized by a geometric inlaid of all-over printed and solid colored fabrics. The outlines, intentionally minimal, enhance the importance of the prints, while the transparency of voille and chiffon creates a stylish game of full and empty clothes that fall softly to wrap the body.

It is defined by a strong street style, unique in its kind, and is supported by a linear and elgant modeling, clean and not excessive, in contrast with its decidedly aggressive and explicit printings. Inspired by the collections of  British brands as KTZ and the visionary Vivienne Westwood, wants to represent through fashion the deep social tensions in the world. The suggestions are contemporary identities, symbols of the past shaped by technology and redesigned in a contemporary street style, geometries defining  tribal images, religious emblems and lots of values resulting in fashion all-overs. Black-and-white are the colors chosen for printings on high quality raw materials: silk, cotton, wool, synthetic rubber. For printing and packaging the designers decided to rely on companies that are highly-qualified operators working exclusively on the Italian territory.